Third Local was founded in November 2015 by consumer and participant of the arts Lamic Kirabo. Lamic Kirabo is a model, blogger and photographer and artist, who is also currently pursuing a BA in Fashion Marketing. She began Third Local with the aim of creating exemplary information in fashion, lifestyle, and beauty for the savvy modern African woman, the platform has grown to be one of the most influential blogs in the region serving as a platform that creates content for the world over.

With weekly content that ranges from personal style and style trends, to showcasing brands in fashion, lifestyle and travel that Lamic personally experiences, Third Local inspires and provides  information for the conscious modern millennial woman of today, creates a platform for different creatives to come together and showcases the talent and distinctive aesthetic of Lamic Kirabo.

Grateful for the reach and influence she has been blessed to have within the time running Third Local, Lamic Kirabo continues to pursue the idea of African excellence in the areas of fashion, travel, lifestyle and the arts.