Calling all girls with abs of steel, Instagram fitness junkies that live in gym clothes and swimsuits all year round…we need to be friends, I need your motivation lol. Almost everyone sets the “get better at fitness, lose weight, put on weight, get healthier etc etc” goals at the beginning of the year but most of us lose motivation by the end of January (I’m out here counting down day’s lol). While I might be on the smaller side (I remember telling a friend about my plans to work out and she laughed me off) I believe fitness shouldn’t just be about losing weight, this year I’m setting fitness goals because I would like to be a lot healthier, heck, I would like to be able to run for more than a few minutes before feeling like I’m about to pass out, do more than 3 push-ups lol, and also create a better relationship with food (it’s been a love hate relationship with me guys) and I think I am fine with whatever body I am able to feel my healthiest in, although one or two abs wouldn’t hurt you know? I’m in dire need of keeping my motivation up past this January new-year, new-me hype, before our new year resolutions “mysteriously” get lost lol, because God knows it’s easy to get caught up in everything else life throws at you and forget about those #goals you set lol, so today I’m sharing a few ways I’m hoping to do that, and hopefully you can to.

Find what works for you.

I’m not a gym person and I’d rather wake up and run up a hill with an amazing view than run on a treadmill, or do squats in an open area than in an enclosed room. I’ve found finding work-outs that I can do outside makes me enjoy the whole working out experience more. Find what works for you, that might be running and outdoor workouts, or at-home work-outs, a fun gym, or even yoga as that will make it harder for you make excuses because you dislike the whole process so much.

Give yourself  time

My problem in the past is that I set unrealistic goals. I’ll start working out on January 1st and expect badass abs by January 15th, and if I don’t see any change…It was nice doing this thing but honey I’m done with this unproductive pain. Seriously, you will find me hopelessly checking for the sight of abs the day after my first work out. I’m setting goals that stretch over a longer more realistic period of time, and finding I am less frustrated and at peace about the slow but sure progress I’m making and better able to stick with working out past January.

Get accountability

I’m deciding to get accountability, that’s more than just myself, I’m personally getting as many friends as possible to join in on my plan, whatever their goals might be. If you can’t drag a couple of your friends in on your plan, search the web for online fitness support communities, they are a lot of them, some even have apps that you can use to stay accountable all day.

Eat consciously

Y’all know I love food, but deciding to be healthier does not always mean going hungry, if you know me, that will last exactly one week before I want a good meal. This year I’ve decided to develop a better relationship with my food. Knowing yourself and what you need in terms of nutrition, and how to eat “clean” and not mindlessly will help you to not over eat and not necessarily need drastic diets

Be your own #BODYGOALS

Getting frustrated is easy when we want to look a particular way and it just isn’t working out, and I always found it frustrating that their wasn’t more much fitness inspiration for black women (Thank God for Instagram). Learn to know yourself, know how your body works, and embrace that and the best possible version of that. That might mean you still got the most amazing curves, or you are on the smaller side, whatever it is, set goals that fall in line with how your body is built and embrace that.

So let’s do this working out past January thing, 2017 is THE year ok? I would LOVE to know any other ideas on how to stay motivated for more than a few months and would like to know if and what your fitness goals are this year.

Otherwise thank you all so much for stopping by

Love and more love

Xoxoxo Lamic

All Photography by Jonathan Jab (@jonathanjab87)


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