My relationship with make-up has changed over the years, from wanting to have everything and anything…seriously my make-up stash used to be a wild mess of all sorts of product, to just wanting to have flawless skin. I realized then that, that did not start with make-up, it started with great skin care, and after that investing in the right products, and lastly not being too dependent on make-up, letting your skin breath make-up free every once in a while. I also realized that a lot of my skin care trouble had come from using horrible cheap make-up on my face, seriously guys, don’t play yourself with bad make-up lol. But I mean I was a fresh out of highschool kid on a budget I did have my priorities all wrong. But recently I decided if I was going to do this make-up thing I was going to do it right, love and care for the skin underneath and invest in great make-up products…no short cuts. I believe make-up is a sort of celebration, like putting on a bomb dress to go for a party, bejeweling your eyes and adorning your lips, and not as a means to cover up, and while I am the furthest thing from a make-up artist I was super excited to team up with Eve and Nico Kampala and Black Up Paris ( I know, what a connection) to  bring you my go-to make-up looks with their great products, and a few of my own usual suspects for achieving a fresh face.



I usually play between two make-up looks, I either go nude with a lot of gloss for a dewy skin finish, or shimmery with a matte finish and an explosion of highlight. For both these looks I used Black Up’s Smoky Palette on my eyes but stayed away from the dark side of the palette and gravitated toward the brown and gold tones as that is more my thing than a smoky I eye. For my lips I used the glossy red lip color and the matte maroon lip color for the second look. My favorite thing by far about these products was their staying power, seriously even though I always carry some extra lip color to touch up through the day, I found I hardly needed it. It lasts all day.

Also the Mat Foundation and powder are great, I used these for highlights.

Black Up is specially formulated for black skin, and I noticed how boldly the colors stood out on my dark skin compared to other eye palettes, loved this!






And that’s all, I try to keep my make-up routine clean and simple… let me know your thoughts on make-up and what your favorite go-to’s are, I would love to give them a try, and also don’t forget to stop by Eve and Nico Kampala to pick up a couple of goodies.

All Photography, Styling and Make-up by Lamich Kirabo


  1. Tracy
    December 13, 2017 / 8:03 am

    Lamich!!! This is so magazine worthy!

  2. January 18, 2018 / 9:39 am

    Great work Kirabo. You need an award for this post.

    • Lamic Kirabo
      February 19, 2018 / 3:05 am

      Amen…we shall come collect!!! xx Thanks

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