Its a new month, its a new year for me (Birthday was a few days ago, thank you so much for all the love guys) so many new exciting things I cant wait to share… but in the meantime lets talk about Statement t-shirts, sneakers, and one half of a Kwesh two-piece. Mixing pieces that don’t obviously go well together is a fun little thing I love to do. As you know I love wearing sneakers, mostly if they are white, I could pair a pair (pair a pair?? Lol, that can’t be right…but anyway) of white sneakers with literally anything. They are in fact in my opinion the easiest way to switch up a look, just add white sneakers and you have something a little more interesting, laid back and comfortable. I wore all white with these yellow pants, because although the color yellow is such a hot trend, I’m still stuck in my love for neutrals and clean colors.

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T-shirt: CUSTOM

Pants: KWESH

Shoes: BATA


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