ALL THE WILD PLACES…Experience Kasenyi Safari Camp

A dazzling sunset is falling over a range of overgrown cactus; it was so hot a couple of hours ago, but all that is left of the blistering heat is a warm breeze and a few rays of sunshine dancing on my bare back. I’m sitting on one of those foldable safari chairs wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and a crotchet halter top, a glass of cold juice in my hand, my phone is dead somewhere but it doesn’t matter anyway becasue the Wi-Fi only comes on for a few hours after 6 pm. So I have no other option than to take it all in: the view, that is miles and miles of rolling hills and plains of untouched savannah, the sound…that is beautiful and unsafe, the occasional growl or roar makes you question your unguarded presence in this place, and the air that is finally cool enough to breathe. It’s in that moment that I decide to officially take back all I had said about camping. I could get used to this kind of camping, and although Kasenyi Safari Camp with all its luxuries might seem like a cheat, I’m considering myself sold on this camping thing, on the idea that getting a little bit of the wild once in a while is just as necessary as getting some vitamin sea. Your soul will thank you.

My encounter with Kasenyi Safari Camp and the beautiful land it so effortlessly merges into began two months ago. I took a short trip there for a project and pretty much fell in love with the place. So much so I decided to go back on a girl’s trip with the usual suspect, Lara…to really discover and do all the things the hotel had to offer. The small hotel which is a collection of 7 luxury tented cabins was still blended beautifully into the surrounding Savannah in Queen Elizabeth National Park, it’s left beautifully raw and un-manicured, to the point there is always a possibility of lions wandering under the cabins as they feel right at home on the property.


“It happens all the time, just stay inside” they assure us, or running out of the shower to grab your camera to take pictures of a random buffalo just a few feet away from your balcony. This place will wring the city girl out of you lol.

It’s a 7 hour fairly smooth drive from Kampala to Kasese, and then a 45 minute drive through the National Park to Kasenyi Safari Camp. We arrived hot and bothered, but nothing a sundowner picnic in the wild followed by a 5 course meal under nights so clear can’t fix. Its wine and chocolate drizzled cake, good music…and then waking up at 5 am the next day because our plans include taking a hot air balloon with the sunrise, and breakfast right in the middle of the Park, also pinching myself and asking how my life is: just casually making hot air balloon plans. And it was glorious…the world was completely at peace up there.


The Kasenyi Experience to say the least was magical. From ascending 500 feet into the sky, to private game drives sitting on top of a safari car, the crazy wind about to blow your damn wig off, to freaking out ready to run several times because you thought you saw a lion or a buffalo in a bush next to your cabin. To photo bombing every magical view…thanking God for every magical view. To seeing flamingos for the first time on a hot bed of dried up salt lake, to realizing how unbothered wild animals are, they don’t even acknowledge our presence. It’s something and somewhere I would go back over and over again, and I’m beyond grateful to the Kasenyi safari Team for not only spoiling our “we don’t do camping” selves, but also making us feel quite at home in a wild and wonderful place. My advice if you’re feeling a little over whatever mess Kampala or whatever city you might live in is throwing at you… Grab a friend, take a Safari, like I said…Your soul will thank you.

Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you enjoy the little pictorial below and look out for the video coming soon to my YouTube channel!

Love and more Love

Xoxoxo Lamic

All Photography by Lamic Kirabo and Lara Owor

Thanks to the Kasenyi Safari Camp team for graciously hosting us, check out their website here.








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    July 26, 2017 / 3:14 am

    Love the post girl ❤️

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